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Being Zed1st- Sound, Companion and Intellect [A Must Read]

Posted by on July 4, 2021Skip to Comment

Being Zed1st- Sound, Companion and Intellect.

Ever stepped into a hall full of people and not felt the need to talk to anyone? It’s crazy but sometimes, all you want to do is listen to some one who really understands your vibe in that moment, shares that moment with you, and introduces you to rhythms your body can respond to. In those times, we find our airpods and earphones, we fix them right in our ears and listen to some really good music.

Soul Relief? Yes, exactly, but that’s only half the bottom story; the story of why we seek for talented geniuses who, overtime, master their craft in ways we just can’t get over.

Zed1st is the beginning and the simplicity of uniqueness who was born and raised in Southern Nigeria, West Africa. He is influenced by the soulful sounds he has been surrounded with since he was a kid. Afro Pop has planted itself on the international radar for quite some time now, making it a true force to be reckoned with as far as music goes. Zed1st, like a lot of young artists today, shares this same background of Afro Pop that we are most proud of as Nigerians. However, Zed1st distinguishes himself from the masses using his unique blending of various African, and even Samba influenced sounds to create the type of rhythms and melodies you simply cannot turn away from!

Cultured in the art of making music from the defining moments in his life, constantly improving, evolving and introducing new expressions to the realm of Afro Pop, Zed1st has studiously and painstakingly built his artistry on the basis of amazing musical styles that he continues to develop.

In the beginning of this piece, we asked if you’d ever stepped into a hall full of people and not felt the need to talk to anyone? Well, sometimes, you actually do want to share those moments with someone special. Sometimes, you feel the need to have interesting conversations with your friends and acquaintances with beautiful music serenading you, or to just sit back with them and listen as you bask in good vibes.

Whether you just want to stay plugged in, vibing out to rich tunes that make your head bop, or you want to enjoy some great music with friends and acquaintances, Zed1st has dedicated his life’s work to meeting your musical needs either way.

You want heart thumping Rhythms, out of this world Melodies and incredibly good vibes; ecstasy in any moment? Stay plugged to Zed1st!

While Anticipating His Nuemerous Works, Here’s a Gallery with Zed1st.

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