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Tola Odeyemi Biography

Tola Odeyemi is a highly intelligent individual with extensive knowledge in the field of engineering, boasting over 15 years of experience in pivotal roles. Her career has been primarily focused on shaping technological regulations and contributing to governmental functions.

Career Highlights

Tola Odeyemi has held significant positions in both state and Federal Government, with a remarkable achievement of being the first woman to assume such a role within NIPOST since its establishment in 1995.

In her address to the management staff, Odeyemi made a set of commitments. She expressed her dedication to building upon the foundations laid by her predecessors, striving to enhance their accomplishments.

She also emphasized the importance of technology in improving NIPOST’s efficiency. Her reference to “logistics” indicates her intention to streamline the movement and delivery of goods. Additionally, by mentioning “e-commerce,” she aims to facilitate online shopping and sales, recognizing its growing significance in postal services.

In summary, Tola Odeyemi has assumed a pivotal role in the postal service, with a clear vision of leveraging technology to enhance package delivery and support the evolving landscape of online shopping.

Tola Odeyemi Controversy

In recent events, the staff of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) staged a protest by closing the main office in Abuja on October 16, 2023. Their discontent arose from Tola Odeyemi’s appointment as the new head of NIPOST. Earlier, Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, had indicated forthcoming changes in the leadership of communication agencies, including NIPOST.

However, when the news of Tola Odeyemi’s appointment broke, there were speculations that Adeyemi Adepoju, who had been previously removed from the position, might be reinstated. This caused confusion and amplified the dissatisfaction among NIPOST workers.

In a widely circulated video, Adepoju engaged with some workers who claimed that President Tinubu had reappointed him to his former role. Before this, NIPOST issued a statement endorsing Adepoju’s reappointment as the Postmaster General and CEO, emphasizing his previous achievements.

Nonetheless, on the day of the protest, the employees prevented the new CEO, Tola Odeyemi, from entering the office. Their stance was clear – they opposed her appointment.


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